Woven Wire Partition provides Cost Saving & Energy efficient solutions compared to sheet rock walls

Woven Wire Partition panels and Doors has many advantages over building sheetrock walls to create hallways and secure storage areas. This week a Commercial Building in Passaic NJ contacted Gale’s for costing on pre fab walls and doors. Gale’s suggested considering Woven Wire Partioning the areas. The overall material cost was much less expensive than traditional stick built construction. In addition to visiually being able to monitor the secured area.
 No additional lighting or temperture controls would have to be added to the project. Gale’s (Est. 1938) provides free on site layouts and cost saving solutions. With hundreds of Security Cage, Machine & Equipment Guards, DEA Cages, Colocation Cages and Tenant Storage Lockers installations throughout the NYC Metro area. Gale’s can provide the most cost effective, energy efficient secure solution for your space. Contact Gale’s for immediate assistance.
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