Twitter Rules of Etiquette

Hey, guys! Long time, no blog, huh? I try to blog at least once a month but I missed July sadly. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say. Other times I can’t shut up.

So, today I’m bringing to you: Twitter Rules of Etiquette.

Twitter can be a confusing world, I suppose. Especially when you first start. But there’s some things people should know if they plan to not piss other people off.

First off, I don’t know why anyone has a Twitter unless you’re in a fandom. Like, I just don’t understand why else you would want one. Facebook is for talking to people you know in real life. Twitter is for obsessing over things you have in common with total strangers who understand you and what you mean.

So let’s just get to the Twitter Rules of Etiquette.

1. Don’t copy other people.
So you see something you think is cool/funny on someone’s feed and you want to add it to your own timeline. DO NOT just copy their bio. DO NOT just steal their photo and act like it’s yours. And especially DO NOT take their photo, quote what they said, and then act like it’s yours. It’s just not a good idea. Because people take edits and photos very seriously. I mean, would you want to spend 20+ mins editing a photo and then have someone take it and not give you credit? Especially if that edit/photo is retweeted a bunch of times. It’s like you’re getting credit/glory for someone else’s hard work. People will hate you for it. No doubt.
INSTEAD: RETWEET them. Or QUOTE them. If you do Twitter mobilely, you’ll be able to both retweet and quote and you’ll be given that option when you press the “retweet” button. If you do it on the internet, you’ll have to just retweet. If you want to add something or tag someone, quote the original poster and add whatever the heck you think is important to say. But don’t steal it. It’s just not a good idea.

2. Don’t spam people.
Whether you’re actually spamming as in trying to get people to sign up for whatever you’re lame thing is or if you’re just repeatedly tweeting someone (regardless if it’s the same thing you’re tweeting over and over or just keep bombarding them with tweets), you just shouldn’t spam people. Even if it’s a celebrity you’re attempting to get the attention of. Spamming = blocking. And more angry people.

3. Answering mentions.
As long as the person isn’t being a weirdo, you should probably answer your mentions. Ignoring people isn’t generally a good idea. It makes you look like a stuck-up princess if you don’t answer people.

4. Favoriting.
Favoriting is a good thing. An easy way to acknowledge someone is to favorite their tweet. That way, they know you saw it but you don’t always have to respond as in aforementioned #3. Also, it’s normally just good to favorite anything people tweet at you. Like if you’re having a conversation with someone. Also, if you repeatedly favorite or retweet things from the same person but don’t follow them, it’s just bad etiquette. It’s not really fair to that person.

5. Following back.
Now, I suppose this is totally up to you. But following back is generally a good idea. I personally almost always follow people back. It’s just good etiquette. Unless that person has nothing in common with me or they tweet things I’m not interested in. Then I don’t follow them back and typically that person will unfollow me anyway.

6. Unfollowing.
Unfollowing hurts. Unless that person is tweeting stuff that no longer interests you or they repeatedly retweet/favorite/answer your mentions but don’t follow you back, it’s better to just keep following people. It makes you feel like a loser when people unfollow.

7. Entering a fandom.
Entering a fandom on Twitter can be difficult/hostile territory. If you’re new to whatever you’re starting to like, don’t just start tweeting and retweeting and acting like you know what you’re talking about. Educate yourself first. Because people can tell when you don’t know what you’re talking about. And people know when you’re just acting like you know what’s going on when you in fact don’t. Depends on the fandom, but at least the one I’m in, people are generally pretty nice about things. But acting like you know stuff you don’t is a sure way to make people not like you. Follow the big people in the fandom because they’re generally the ones putting out stuff that everyone in the fandom will soon know about. If you want to be in the know too, follow the big people.

8. Mentioning people.
This goes along with entering a fandom, but don’t just randomly start up conversations with people through mentions. Unless you have something to say about what they’re tweeting about, then it’s better just to stay silent for a while. You’ll have better luck becoming friends with someone if you don’t just randomly start talking to them. It freaks people out sometimes. And don’t DM until you really know someone. Cuz that’s weird too.

Well, I think that’s all I really had to say about Twitter etiquette. If I think of more, I’ll update this. I hope this helps you people who are floating around in the Twitter world. And, after all of this, I feel like I’m obligated to include my own Twitter. So here: @KilljoyGrl