Tips on Storage Solutions NYC

High Density Shelving from Gale’s can double your existing storage space rent FREE!

Via Flickr:
Rolling High Density Shelving by Metro eliminates the need for fixed aisles. previously the above customer was storing inventory taking up 37 Linear Feet of space in the back room. With Metro’s High Density Rolling Shelving all can be fit in just 21 linear feet. Freeing 64 square feet for other use.
In other words you can store the same amount of material and save 43% of you storage area.
Ideal for Retail, Hospitality, archive storage, Inventory and Evidence storage. sides, backs and lockable doors can also be added to secure your inventory.
Gale’s (est. 1938) provides free onsite layouts to max your space. In many situations we can use your existing shelving saving you even more money. Each shelf can hold 800 pounds. Call today for immediate service.
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