Security Cages provide Secure Storage for Restaurants in NYC

Imagine being a Restaurant, Hotel, Hospital, School or Business in NYC and constantly having to replace inventory that is taken daily by employees. One customer lost 15 bottles of Olive Oil that cost $9.25 per bottle in one night. After losing inventory costing $750. in just one week, Gale’s was called to provide secure visible storage. Gale’s suggested all welded galvanized steel panels and doors.
Restaurants and Clubs that provide bottle service rely heavily on Gale’s Liquor storage cages.
 The advantages are several. The security cage cost was recouped in less than a week. Over the last decade hundreds of similar cages have been installed by Gale’s. Payback is always immediate. Many NYC customers have installed numerous cages throughout their facilities for each department. Back with Gale’s lifetime warranty. The investment in cages becomes a maintenance free long term solution.
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