Robotics Perimeter Guarding protects Teachers, Students and Maintenance Personnel

Robotics is rapidly changing our world. Here in NYC, TCI College has announced a new course ” Robotics and Automation Technology. On their website they discuss how robotics is used on the L train, NYC Transit and NYPD Bomb squad. The field will need knowlegeable staff to further maintain and develope the systems. TCI is one of the first in Manhattan to open doors to a growing field. Todays safety codes require that all Robotics be enclosed with security fence as shown above. Many industries now have similar code guidelines, motors, machinery, electric  controls, IT Data Centers also have their own set of perimeter guidelines.
The safety Standard applies to the building and teaching of robotics, remanufacture, rebuild, installation, safeguarding, maintenance and repair, testing and start-up, and personnel training requirements for industrial robots and robot systems.”

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