Random Facts About Me

I haven’t been able to think of anything important enough to blog about. So this is what I got for the month.

Random Facts About Me:

1. I’m 5’5”.
2. I have red hair. Not orange red but auburn red. Yes, it’s natural.
3. I am double-jointed in my pointer finger on my left hand only. No other fingers. I’m double-jointed in my hips as well.
4. My favorite color is purple.
5. I went to private school from the age of 12 until I graduated.
6. In high school, I graduated with a 4.17 GPA in an accelerated program. Yes, I’m bragging.
8. I’d never failed a class until I got to college.
9. Yes, that is ironic.
10. I firmly believe that relationships would be much better if everyone would just say how they felt all of the time.
11. I have a YouTube addiction. Maybe sometime I’ll write about my favorite people.
12. I think Gerard Way is one of the most amazing people to have ever walked this earth. Maybe I’ll write about why I think so soon. Because it’s probably not for the same reasons everyone would think when they hear his name.
13. I really wish I could go around and fix people. Meaning, I wish I could go around and tell girls not to ruin themselves with badly done makeup or hair.
14. I tend to reject all things mainstream simply because they’re mainstream.
15. One of my life goals is to see Paris before I die.
16. I think French is the most beautiful language there is and would love to learn it even though learning Spanish would be more practical.
17. I don’t always do the most practical things. Like ending a list on #17 instead of #15.

And, also for random fun, my tech specs:
Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop (pink)
Samsung Galaxy SIII (white)
Nook HD (white)
YouTube (do not put up videos)

I also have an iPod Touch but I don’t know what it is because I hate it and put all music on my phone now. I’m starting to develop the opinion that all Apple products are crap and not worth the hype. This is just my opinion. I don’t care if you are an Apple die-hard. Good for you then. This opinion of mine may also have something to do with random fact #14.