Park Ave NYC business adds Doors to Metal Shelving Units to create Secure Storage

Recently a Nation Wide manufacturer located on Park Ave NYC contacted Gale’s, They wanted to replace the shelving Gale’s originally sold them with locking storage cabinets to protect their inventory. Gale’s suggested rather than replace the heavy duty shelving, Just add Gale’s Universal Doors that fit on all shelving units. The color match was identical. The cost savings was […]

How enclosing Hallway Electrical Panels & Equipment protects workers in NYC Highrise Buildings

Gale’s suggests ordering keyed alike locks for orders with multiple doors for authorized staff Electrical & Equipment Enclosureswith Gale’s HD Welded Gates Keeping workers safe and protecting equipment with Gale’s all welded Security Gates has many advantages. Engineers and Maintenance staff can monitor all  enclosed equipment visually, room temperatures and nearby sprinklers maintain their effectiveness. And […]

Roof Top Pavers installed on Upper Eastside NYC made from Recycled Tires

Roof Top & Patio Pavers NYC No playground or Roof Top Patio is complete without safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles. Manufactured locally from 100% recycled rubber, Playground  & Roof Top Tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. From the traditional pigmented line to the 18 designs […]

NYC Loss Prevention Solutions for Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Retail, Restaurants and Tourist Attractions.

Before After with Gales’s Security Cage Securing Inventory today is paramount for NYC’s Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Business and Tourist Attractions. Enclosing inventory with Security Cages helps eliminate theft. Every building has a corner or space that can be enclosed with Security Fence. Gale’s (Est. 1938) Provides cost effective secure storage solutions with our heavy […]

Woven Wire Partition provides Cost Saving & Energy efficient solutions compared to sheet rock walls

Woven Wire Partition panels and Doors has many advantages over building sheetrock walls to create hallways and secure storage areas. This week a Commercial Building in Passaic NJ contacted Gale’s for costing on pre fab walls and doors. Gale’s suggested considering Woven Wire Partioning the areas. The overall material cost was much less expensive than […]

New 2012 Designed Tenant Storage Lockers & Bike Racks installed on Atlantic Ave Brooklyn

Tenant Storage Lockers Single Tier for new apartment building on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Tommy from Brooklyn our Install Foremen Inspecting every Locker Single Tier Tenant Storage Lockers Brooklyn Gale’s Galvanized All Welded 8ga Tenant Storage Lockers Brooklyn Gale’s install techs just completed installation of 52 Tenant Storage Lockers on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Gale’s All Welded […]

Pedestrian Walkways – Increasing Safety in NYC Buildings

Pedestrian Walkways Safety Solutions Call Gale’s Industrial for Free Layout assistance & Quote(732)489-3867 Marking Aisles and Walkways just became easier with Gale’s on site layout assistance. Gale’s quick ship program will help keep your walkways safe and in code within days with Ergo’s peel & stick permanent walkway aisle markers. Accuracy of layout and non-invasive to […]