NYC Retail Stores Double their Storage Space with QwikTrak

Gale’s Industrial Supply founded in 1938 has been providing storage solutions for Retail Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Business and Archive Storage Customers.
 Back room storage is a challenge to every business in NYC. Gale’s will show you how to put all your boxes in half the space currently needed. Freeing up the space you saved for other use. By eliminating fixed aisles and replacing them with rolling shelving, Customers recapture 50% of the space now needed. Or in the same space we can double your existing storage capability “rent free”
Features & Benefits:
The aluminum and stainless steel floor tracks provide a smooth, gliding surface for mobile  units can hold up to 1200LBS

Mobile units are designed to move easily and store heavy weight loads. Like Power steering on your car.
Double-Deep Configurations overall depth of the storage system for even greater storage capacity.
Floor tracks protect the floors from wear and tear and do not require to be mounted to the floor. Floor tracks compensate for rough or choppy floor surfaces.
Both single- and double-deep systems can be used with Metro wire shelving 
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