NYC & NJ Flammable Safety Cabinets Sale 40% off. In stock

    Versatility… Inside & Out
    Specifically designed to provide you with the most versatile storage interiors, Lyon safety cabinets with shelves that adjust on 1/2″ centers enable you to create areas of storage within a cabinet to accommodate pint, quart, gallon and other container sizes to satisfy current and future needs.

    Whether you hang, stack, mount, stand them alone or under a counter these Lyon Safety Cabinets with their 1/2″ shelf adjustments are versatile enough to tailor to your own unique workspace – and meet all the safety requirements for hazardous materials.

    Thirty-two all-welded cabinet configurations include free-standing cabinets, cabinets that stack, hang, mount on bench tops or fit snugly under counters. So you can choose a style that really fits into your workspace.

    All in all, the most versatile, practical line of safety storage cabinets on the market today.