NYC Loss Prevention Solutions for Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Retail, Restaurants and Tourist Attractions.

After with Gales’s Security Cage
Securing Inventory today is paramount for NYC’s Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Business and Tourist Attractions. Enclosing inventory with Security Cages helps eliminate theft. Every building has a corner or space that can be enclosed with Security Fence. Gale’s (Est. 1938) Provides cost effective secure storage solutions with our heavy duty Galvanized All Welded Security Cage. Every project can be built from standard panels, doors and posts. No longer is the cost driven up with custom sizes or field cuts due to columns or overhead piping. Gales provides numerous lock options from cylinder locks, push button, card swipe and biometric. Multiple doors and cages can be keyed or programmed alike or differently to allow only certain personnel in specific cages. Gale’s quick ship and install program allows for immediate cost saving solutions.
 Back with Gale’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty of materials and labor, The system pays for it self immediately.
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