NYC Hotels, Restaurants reduce Injuries & Liabilities with Anti Slip Steps Covers

New Anti Slip Step Covers helps eliminate Hotel & Restaurant Injuries & Liabilities

Gale’s Industrial Supply a supplier to the NYC hospitality industry since 1938 has been busy installing Safeguard’s Anti Slip Step covers and Ramp covers throughout NYC. Backed with the highest anti slip ratings in the industry, Safeguard eliminates the need to constantly apply anti slip tapes and paints. Most anti slip products lose their anti slip properties when water or grease falls onto the walkway. Safeguards anti slip step covers are fiberglass with industrial diamond grit. That has a 100% higher anti slip rating than standard products. Safeguard is easily mounted on top of the steps or walkway. Over years of  safe passage.
Safeguard can turn your Stairs walkways, platforms and ramps into safer non-skid zones.
SAFEGUARDĀ® Hi-Traction Walkway Covers enable you to create non-skid flooring surfaces for many different areas where slips and falls can pose hazards.
Everywhere slippery, oily, greasy, and dusty conditions exist, SAFEGUARDĀ® Covers offer the anti slip solution, including

  • Ramps, Stairs & Walkways
  • Elevator floors
  • Dock & Dumpster areas
  • Pool Areas
  • Stair landings
  • Locker rooms                                                       
  • Kitchen and galley floors
  • Rooftop decks and catwalks
  • Greasy food processing plants
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Bus ramps
  • Wheelchair lifts and ramps
  • and more!
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