News on How to reduce Employee Theft in the NYC Hospitality Industry

A recent article from the US Chamber of Commerce details the estimates of employee theft is in the Billions.  Theft happens in most cases because we let it happen by creating opportunity. The article says “The opportunity to steal is more important than the need for money” Securing your liquor can save you thousands of dollars by eliminating the opportunity to steal. Additionally noted in the article Its not just the low income employees, It could be your top earners.
Liquor Cages, Doors and Walls are an immediate cost effective solution. Gale’s can enhance the system by adding keypad or biometric locks that logs who is entering the storage area and what time.
 Gale’s (est. 1938) provides security cages fence and doors for liquor storage. Going with woven wire or welded wire has several advantages, Low Cost, But heavy duty. Maintains room temperature, the inventory is visible and secure. Contact Gale’s for immediate assistance, Free on site layouts, Lifetime Warranty.
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