New NYC Hotels Storage Solutions for 2013 Complete Guide

Mobile Aisle Shelving Doubles the amount of storage in the same space.

NYC Hotels are cramped for space in Housekeeping, F&B, Room Service, Engineering, Office files, Luggage Storage and in the Freezers.
 Gales (est. 1938) provides storage solutions that save space for every hotel department.
All NYC Hotels need additional storage space for inventory Gales (Est, 1938) has a way hotels can store all their inventory in just half the space they are now using. By converting their shelving from fixed – stationary aisles to Metros Qwicktrak it enables Hotels to create space. Lets say you have 5 rows of shelving. It would take up to 20 feet of valuable space. Rolling Shelving for 5 Aisles would only need 10ft of space. Even better count the rows of shelving you now have. With Rolling Shelving you can now have double the amount of inventory. We may be able to use your existing shelving. Saving money and space. Contact Gales today for immediate on site layout and assistance.

Gales Industrial Supply