How to select the right School Lockers NYC

Choosing the right locker for your school depends on several elements based on your specific needs, Space available, Number of Students, Budget and lead time. Always stick with industry standard sizes. They are normally in stock and cost less. Most US manufactures provide lockers with Lifetime Warranties. Give yourself free added assistance buy calling in a locker company that offers free on site guidance. It can save you money and avoid mistakes in ordering.
Gale’s Industrial Supply (est. 1938) has installed thousands of Lockers in the NY Metro area. Their onsite tech can guide you through the most cost effective solutions, So that you will be ready to order the lockers you actually need. Lockers come in various styles and door types. single tier, double tier, multiple tier (box lockers). Options to consider are sloping tops, open or closed in legs. Locker bases instead of legs. Laying out the locker area is critical to maximize the space, based on the number of lockers required while maintain code and ADA considerations. Gale’s can help you select exactly what you need in one visit. contact us today for immediate assistance.
Gale’s Industrial Supply