How enclosing Hallway Electrical Panels & Equipment protects workers in NYC Highrise Buildings

Gale’s suggests ordering keyed alike locks
 for orders with multiple doors for authorized staff
Electrical & Equipment Enclosures
with Gale’s HD Welded Gates

Keeping workers safe and protecting equipment with Gale’s all welded Security Gates has many advantages. Engineers and Maintenance staff can monitor all  enclosed equipment visually, room temperatures and nearby sprinklers maintain their effectiveness. And when needed immediate – full access is gained by authorized personnel.
Gale’s Industrial (est. 1938) stocks hinged and slide gates to meet your buildings immediate needs.
 Gale’s provides immediate assistance and delivery for Security Cages, DEA Cages, Tenant Storage Lockers and Machine Guards.
 Need assistance with layout, door type, lock suggestions? Contact Gale’s today. Gale’s provides free on site assistance and our exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

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