Getting Organized Is Hard

Getting organized is hard.

Some people naturally have the ability to keep their things and life organized. I can keep my life organized pretty easily. But when it comes to something like my room, it’s practically hopeless. I’m talking a total disaster. I can keep things off the floor for a few days only. Then it’s like my brain can’t handle it and I end up throwing things on the floor and leaving them until someone complains to me how badly my room looks. Or, if no one does, after a few weeks of not being able to even walk to my bed without side-stepping things, I will make myself clean it up.

What doesn’t make sense is that I am naturally a semi-perfectionist. The only thing that gets in the way of my perfectionism is my laziness. I know, laziness and perfectionism in the same person. Weird, huh? The easiest way to show you what I mean is that as soon as I start to clean up my room, everything has to be perfect before I can stop. Just like it will take me a couple weeks to clean my bathroom. I let it go as long as I possibly can due to laziness, and then when I get into the cleaning, the perfectionist kicks in and I have to clean until I get every single hair off of everything. If I find one later on, it drives me nuts.

Recently, I took it into my head to organize my entire room. I even went to the extent of purchasing a shoe rack and multiple storage bins for my room. After two days of sorting through random crap I didn’t need in the first place, multiple trash bags, and placing things in just the right spot, I am happy to say that my room is indeed organized. I even managed to fit all of my books onto my bookcase without having to buy another one like I thought I needed to. Every thing has been cleaned: my closet, under my bed, my dresser, my bookcase–everything. And I feel so much better now.

But, of course, life sucks at random times.

Now, my parents have decided to recarpet the entire house. Whenever they actually get around to ordering the carpet, I’m going to have to take apart everything I worked so hard on. 🙁 Which means I most likely will leave things messy again because I won’t feel like making everything perfect again. The bright side is that I’ve found many, many, many things that I thought I lost like: my cell phone charger (even though I just bought a new one too!), my thumbdrive, my Nintendo DS Lite charger, and other things that I never used and will probably try to sell on Ebay. Downside: I have now lost my camera charger. Like I said, life sucks at random times.