Gale's Onsite Archive Record Storage solutions saves NYC Healthcare, Legal Firms Millions of Dollars

Archive Storage Center being setup by Gale’s Industrial Supply

In today’s business climate hospitals, health care, Insurance providers, business and govt agencies have been discovering a new ways to save money by creating their own on site archive storage areas. Eliminating thousands of dollars per month in off site storage, labor and transportation costs. Many small companies spend as much as $6,000. per year in off site storage. Hospitals, Health care and Large Law firms spend upwards of hundreds of thousands to 4 million per year. By creating a storage area on site in an under utilized area the cost savings are tremendous. Gale’s Industrial Supply (est 1938) has been providing space saving designs that enable customers to maximize the space available and eliminate the high cost of off site storage.  Gale’s provides years of experience with efficient archive records management. Our on site layout service helps customers recapture storage space to save money and time. Several years ago Gale’s provided United Healthcare with a prefab mezzanine to store their file records on site. The mezzanine doubled their existing record storage.  The added bonus was when they outgrew the building they mezzanine was easy to relocate. Their are many ways to make space work. Contact Gale’s for immediate assistance.

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