Everyday seems like Monday in NYC's Small Biz Economy

NYC’s Metro area recession has created zombies out of small business owners and their loyal employees, Less are doing more.  Being a dinosaur in today’s business, I have become energized to get leads and orders from a picture on Flickr, Or a potential good vendor from a Tweet. I get calls and emails each day regarding a solution we had posted on our blog. Getting requests for appointments via a text. Man it’s a whole new world and it’s exhilarating and addictive. We at Gale’s have learned to adapt to the new way of getting business
 Getting calls from Chicago Portland, Seattle, LA and even Minnesota this morning from a person googling the net looking for solutions is exciting for this small NYC based business.
 I no longer feel Zombie like, The new biz model has made it so I never want to leave, They will have to drag me out by my ankles as my nails dig into Broadway.  We still love hitting the streets working in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx and all over Queens and Jersey. We are convinced that we cannot just rely on the net, sales calls or luck to get business. We do what it takes in today’s marketplace.
 Gale’s Industrial was founded in 1938, for decades we rolled through the hay days ever increasing our product offerings and inventory levels. Plenty of road bumps along the way. Business was so good, If we lost a big order, contract or opportunity, We would just move on. Today is way different. Now we use every available opp to get business, Including old school. When our trucks arrive on a NYC project, Neighbors of our customers are curious by what is going on. We create an instant sales call, Explaining what we do and how we do it. Our guys from the bottom up engage all that are interested. We hand out cards and brochures and offer solutions on the spot. Like all types of marketing, It doesn’t always work But the batting average is very high.  Our young people get it, They know we are busting our chops creating sales so all can work.
 I still feel like a rookie at times after 30 years at it. Selling was basic, Hit the streets, advertise, follow up. Today we are all sales reps no matter what our real title is. From our installers to the guy who signs the checks. Selling is a skill that all should learn, No matter what your real profession is. It will get you further in life, You will meet great people and some not so great. But take their good skills and traits  from everyone and use them in your tool bag of life. We are in a new world economy, Embrace the changes and enjoy what you do.
The most successful people know how to sell, It’s a skill that’s easy to grasp. Sell yourself, Learn your products, Increase your energy and focus and enjoy the road.
All the negative we hear about America, their is one great asset we have and it’s us. You, Me, The guy on the jackhammer and the Lady in the toll booth. We are all Americans we know what we can do and it’s time to do it better.
 Our Olympians really make me proud, They showed us over the last two weeks how hard they have worked over the years. America is about winners.