Don't Work With Your Friends…Or Your Friends' Moms

Haven’t we all been there at some point? We’ve said “Yes” to someone because we didn’t want to hurt their feelings even though we really didn’t want to agree. Well, that’s what happened to me.

This girl that I’m just causal friends with told her mom that I had said we had lost two people at the store I work at. Later, her mom asked me if it was okay for her to use me as a reference. I mean, what was I supposed to say? “No, because I really don’t like you”? Of course, I said yes and (of course, grrr) my manger hired her.

Since that time almost a month ago, working there has turned into a deeper level of hell.

She’s already annoying. She thinks she knows everything because she worked at a similar store before back in the Southeast part of the United States. But, the thing is: that store was independent. They could make whatever rules they wanted to. We’re in a chain. We don’t make our rules; corporate does.

Somehow she has yet to grasp MANY concepts. Or maybe it’s just that she refuses to accept reality.

1. You CANNOTread/use the materials we sell during slow times at the store.
But apparently where she used to work, the manager encouraged them to do that during “down time” in order for them to become familiar with what they were selling. Well, sorry, but corporate is not paying you to sit on your butt and read.

2. You don’t get to close the registers right away.
Especially since you’ve only been there a month and still have no idea what you’re doing. For all we know, you could be a whackjob who steals money from the registers. I’ve been working there for over a year now and I’ve just now officially learned how to close the registers because she is now the low-man on the totem pole. For some reason, she believes that vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms is beneath her and has refused to do it before. And then tonight she made a comment to me that she wouldn’t need to clean if someone would just teach her how to close. So, I just told her, “Well, that’s not going to happen until someone new comes along and you’re not at the bottom of the ladder anymore. So, sorry, but that is not going to happen.” She didn’t say a word.

3. You CANNOT steal numbers and brag about telling certain coworkers off to other coworkers.
Like many other companies, our company requires that we meet certain sales goals. We’re tracked on three seperate entities, sort of speak. We’re tracked on two different materials we need to sell and one service that we provide. We’re also tracked on membership cards and our e-mail capture. At the moment, she is above quite a few people at the store, mostly because she doesn’t share. Among us, we typically share the items we’re tracked on if we know that we’re up in that area and who we’re working with isn’t. She doesn’t. But then–get this–I’m ringing someone up and one of the items is something we can provide a service on and she makes this comment while standing their in front of the customer that she needs that service for the day to meet her numbers. First of all: she’s already up 3% in that area. Second of all: I was not about to give the sell to her. Who does she think she is anyway? I felt like tellling her to get out of my face.
That same night, she was bragging to me about telling two of the guys I work with off about different things. I asked them both about it today. And, guess what? NEITHER OF THEM KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT! Now, I understand one of them not knowing. But both? Could she really be anymore of a drama queen and a liar?
Then tonight she was relating this story to me about something she saw on Facebook. I got on tonight to see if it was true and she twisted everything around and added a bunch of stuff.

So here is my decision: As soon as my manger gets back from his week vacation, I am asking for him to never have me work with her again if possible. And when he asks me why, I’ll say it’s because I don’t like her

How’s that sound?

I am someone who does not like confrontation. And she’s one that ALWAYS wants confrontation. And she brags about putting this person and that person in their place. Well, I’ve got news for her: She DOES NOT want to get on my bad side. Because, yes, I fear confrontation. But when it happens, that person better watch out. Because I get mean. Really mean. And she better watch out because I could tear her apart with everything I know from her daughter. I know I sound dramatic, but the sad truth is, that’s how I am. I get really, really mean. Ask anybody I know and they could tell you.

So the moral of the story, kids? DON’T WORK WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! OR YOU FRIENDS’ MOMS. Just don’t do it, okay? No matter how much you know that they need the money. It is not worth it. Just trust me. Repeat after me: It. Is. Not. Worth. It. Good job.