Brooklyn Coop Generating Income with Tenant Storage Lockers on Kosciusko Street

Tenant Storage Lockers Kosciusko St. Brooklyn, NY

Property Managers, Developers and Coop & Condo Boards are rapidly seeing the benefit of offering Gale’s Tenant Storage Lockers in their buildings. It’s become a win-win for all. Residents now have on site secure storage at a minimal cost and the building helps offset maintenance costs by generating income from a once under utilized basement. Gale (est. 1938) provides single tier and two tier lockers (shown above). Depending on the space available and number of residents, Sizes can vary to meet the buildings needs. Gale’s provides free on site layouts to help you layout your tenant storage room or reconfigure your existing storage room to add more lockers.
 Backed with a lifetime warranty and low overall cost. The return on investment (ROI) is very quick. And maintenance free.
 Gale’s also provides storage rental guidelines based on neighboring buildings. control chart information on how to manage the storage room. And Bike Room Storage Solutions.
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